Volant animals are

all animals that are

capable of true flight.

We aim to conserve 

these animals through

bat and bird surveys,

bat exclusions, impact assessments

and education




South Africa

Our Experience

We boast with more than a decade of experience in environmental science. This includes work done on mammals, both large and small, avifauna, herpetofauna and arthropods in habitats ranging from sub-antarctic to arid regions with forests in between. Our focus is on bats, but our capabilities is much larger.

Our Vision
M. natalensis.jpg

In a word, conservation. Bats are often overlook and underappreciated, but the fact is that they play a vital role in the ecosystem by acting as pollinators, seed dispensers and controlling pests. People tend to put focus on the more charismatic animals, and skip over bats. We look after the little guy

Our Methods

Since we come from a scientific background with advanced degrees in biological sciences, we take a scientific approach in all the problems that we tackle. We pride ourselves on the research done before any project, our field methods and analyses of the data collected